Reliance Jio is giving 2 GB data for 4 days, See Today

Reliance Jio has rolled out information Data obvious on what basis.

Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio is giving 2 GB data for 4 days, See Today in Jio app

Jio customers on twitter and other social networking platforms have claimed they have obtained an extra 2 GB of 4G data for use. Data is readily available for four days and can be recorded under the Jio data pack. The data in this regard was given with Telecom Talk.

When you have 2 GB 4G information or not. For this, you have to go to the MyJio program on your phone to the My Programs section. Data will remain within the data bunch. It’ll be listed with the present plan.

Reliance Jio is giving its subscribers for usage 2GB data that is extra. This center is for four days. Jio’s offer a part of their Jio Data Bundle and has been rolled out to choose users. Additional information will be available until 2 depending on its arrival. It’s worth noting that this is not the first time this telecom company has given its readers information for a couple of days to use. Such a proposal has already been rolled out.

It’s worth noting that this extra 2 GB of data available every day will be found in addition to the information bundle. This usually means that whatever program is active on your Jio number data will be supplied on it.

Data is available by May 2 for a few customers and April 30 or May 1 to some users. It depends on when it offers you.
Jio has rolled out data for users. It is not clear on what basis those customers are chosen.

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