Now you have to wait till 3 May to buy smartphones from Amazon and Flipkart.

Now you have to wait till 3 May to buy smartphones from Amazon and Flipkart
To buy a smartphone on Amazon, Flipkart, you have to wait till May 3 and wait

There has been lockdown since 24 March last month due to the coronavirus epidemic across the country. Malls, e-commerce sites, shops, etc. have all been closed. In the second phase of the lockdown, on 14 April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that from 20 April, in places where there is no threat of coronavirus, the lockdown will be relaxed for some things. After this announcement by PM Modi, online goods were likely to start selling on e-commerce sites Flipkart, Amazon. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has made it clear that only essential items can be sold on e-commerce website from 20 April.

This means that people will have to wait until 3 May for the sale of smartphones, electronic items, fashion products, etc. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a press release saying that non-essential goods will not be sold during a lockdown. Since then, online smartphone buyers have once again faced disappointment.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an order for e-commerce companies, stating that vehicles used by these companies will be permitted to move with the required permits during a lockdown. Apart from rationing, smartphones, electronic items, computers, fashion products, etc. are purchased on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. According to the order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, during a lockdown, e-commerce companies will be able to sell only daily used items.

The sale of several smartphones launched last month on the e-commerce website has been conducted only once. At the same time, almost a month after the launch of a smartphone like Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, its sale could not start. Following the new order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, many smartphone maker companies will have to wait longer to make their products available for sale. Users are also waiting for the lockdown to open. After the lockdown open, many new smartphones can be made available for purchase in the market.

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