PUBG Mobile is going to add a new mode named ‘Arctic Mode’ to its game on April 16. Already the new mode was teased by the game company through its Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, but the game company has now officially confirmed the release. Arctic mode will be available to all players and will be given in the vikendi map. Arctic mode will periodically bring icy storms, in which the players must avoid lowering their body temperature by various means to survive.

PUBG Mobile will be available in EvoGround mode within the Arctic Mode game. It will be played in the Wikipedia map, which is a snow map. In Arctic mode all players will have a meter to show their body temperature which will slowly fall, which will reduce their health. In such a situation, along with keeping the body temperature high, the players will also have to fight with other players. Hopefully, the more exciting it sounds, the more it is also in play.

In this mode, there will be many ways by which players can increase their body temperature.


  • Players can hunt wild chickens and cook their meat. This can increase the players’ body temperature.
  • In PUBG Mobile Arctic mode, players can use a lighter to light a fire. To keep this fire going, the players will need wood and find the branches of the tree to keep the fire going.
  • In the Arctic Mode, means such as heaters and health packs can also be used to avoid falling body temperature.

Apart from this, there will also be snowboards in Arctic Mode so that the player can move quickly from there to the map. Drones are also included in this mode, so players will be able to see other players. This will greatly help the drone players win the game. However, it is not yet clear how players will be able to access the drone.

Arctic mode will be released via an update for both Android and iOS. Whose it will be available for all Android and iOS PUBG Mobile players to play.

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