Google’s massive planning, ‘Shorts’ will give competition to TikTok

Google Shorts

These days the popularity of the short video making platform TikTok has increased Google‘s concern. TikTok was launched in China in 2016. At the same time, its world launch was within the yr 2018. In this app, customers create and add videos of 3 to 60 seconds. TikTok’s mobile app made users loopy with the launch and its number of users reached crores.

User base race continues between TikTok and Youtube …
As of now, the number of active users of TikTok is 500 million (500 million) worldwide. Although it’s much less than 200 million active users of YouTube, however, the speed with which TikTok users are growing, it may be said that in terms of user base TikTok can match YouTube soon.

YouTube users shifting on Tiktok …

Google‘s biggest tension is that its YouTube users and creators are slowly shifting to TikTok. In current times, many YouTubers have created their Tiktok account and started uploading short videos on it. Google doesn’t want to lose its YouTube video creators and audiences and that’s the reason it’s working on shorts these days.

Google will be launch a shorts video platform “Shorts” ...
Google is now thinking of launching ‘Shorts’, a particular version of its video platform YouTube. Google will try to pull Tiktok users to its side through shorts. Through shorts, users will have the ability to add short videos contained in the mobile app, like TikTok.

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The plus point of YouTube shorts might be that it has a much higher number of licensed video, audio, and music than TikTok. In such a situation, creators will get the choice of hundreds of thousands of music to make their videos. I think this youtube video platform “Short” will become with awesome features.

Bedtime reminder feature comes on YouTube …
YouTube is soon going to bring a special bedtime reminder feature for its world users. This feature might be present in YouTube’s model number 15.13.33. The particular feature of this feature is that users can set their sleep time. After this, when you keep watching the video for longer than the set time at night, then it is going to ask you to sleep. This new feature of YouTube is given in the General Settings option, however, it’s a part of the digital wellbeing device.

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