Pokémon Masters is coming to iOS and Android

Pokémon Masters is coming to iOS and Android

Pokémon Masters finally has its release date.

Announced earlier this year, the mobile game from Nintendo and DeNA has been confirmed to be launching across the world for iOS and Android on August 29. This has been a tentative release date for a while now but it’s finally certain.

Pokémon Masters is yet another way into the Pokémon world on your mobile, this time through 3v3 real-time battles against AI opponents. With its story and strategy, it offers something more traditional than its alternative Pokémon Go. However, Masters is unusual in that you won’t be catching Pokémon yourself and will instead be focusing more on collecting trainers.

Players will find themselves on the island of Pasio, home to the Pokémon Masters League of which (naturally) the aim is to be the Champion. With your assigned partner Pokémon you’ll battle iconic characters and their partner Pokémon from across the franchise and then recruit them to your team to help you on your journey. At launch, there will be 65 Sync Pairs to battle and recruit. Why not team up with Brock and Misty to get the gang back together?

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